What is Share Your Heart

SHARE YOUR HEART™ is us spreading our love to the community through our different programs and initiatives

Share Your Heart

The Victory for Youth (VFY) – Share Your Heart (SYH) program is a 501 (c) 3 organization that recruits, trains, and screens caring adults who desire to serve their community in meaningful ways as a volunteer chaplain. The SYH program partners with state and local government agencies and non-profit organizations to respond to referrals for children, families, and vulnerable adults who have been identified as in crisis or distress (e.g., in need of food or clothing, loss of a family member, exposed to violence and/or trauma).

Through the SYH App and website, partnering agencies and organizations can submit a referral for service that will be confirmed and forwarded to volunteer chaplains within the zip code of the person(s) in need. The responding volunteer chaplain will pick-up goods (e.g., food, clothing) from designated locations within the county, conduct an in-person visit to provide the goods and services (e.g., emotional and spiritual support) identified in the referral, and identify any additional needs. After the in-person visit, the volunteer chaplain will submit a summary through the SYH App and maintain connection with the person(s) in need for at least 90 days. This connection focuses on promoting stability, building protective factors, identifying community resources, facilitating connections to faith institutions, and preventing future contact/involvement with state and local child welfare, juvenile and criminal justice systems.


The SYH program is headquartered in Miami, FL and is currently operating in Miami-Dade, Monroe, Lee, Collier, and Leon Counties. Additional expansion targeted for Broward, Palm Beach, and Orange Counties. Each operation starts with the regional Department of Children and Families (DCF) office to support child and adult protective investigators in responding to the needs of the person(s) coming to their attention. Once established, additional partnerships are made (i.e., early learning coalitions, school districts, health departments, local governments) to build capacity in front-end prevention services and support.

The SYH program integrates with other services provided by VFY to include:

Food Facilitation: volunteer chaplains organize and distribute food to the community on behalf of local food banks and government agencies to address hunger and nutritional needs of children and adults.

CERT: volunteer chaplains receive additional training to become part of the Community Emergency Response Team to assist county emergency management offices with preparation, response, and recovery from natural and man-made disasters.

Employment Services Vocational Rehabilitation: providing pre-placement job skill training, career exploration, and job placement services for children and adults with disabilities.

USDA Summer Feeding Program: providing healthy meals to children and educating in healthy meal choices.